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About us
About us
Mr. Yoshiro Takayama brought the guitar building technique, skilled Workers and precision equipments from Japan to here and run the new electric guitar factory in 2011. The factory produces guitars for many famous brands from all 
over the worid.
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How we build guitars

The integration of modern and traditional guitar making techniques is reflected in twt guitars. We use advanced CNC machine tools to cut body and neck blanks, and use machines and manual fine grinding. Most of the remaining work, from binding and installation character to painting finish, is done by experienced craftsmen manually.
In order not to affect the tone of the guitar due to subtle manual differences, we have introduced high-precision CNC equipment from Japan and established a high-precision CNC production line to ensure that each guitar has excellent quality with an accuracy of 0.01mm
We employ a combination of manual and machine polishing techniques. These techniques allow us to achieve precise and flawless finishes, while also preserving the traditional artistry that goes into crafting each guitar body. By using a combination of manual and machine polishing, we can maintain the production standards necessary to achieve the desired level of quality.
Our guitar bodies are painted by craftsmen with 15 years of work experience. These craftsmen bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the task, ensuring that every guitar body is meticulously painted to perfection. Each guitar body goes through multiple checks to ensure that there are no impurities on its surface.
Each product at TWT Guitars undergoes multiple inspections throughout the production process. These inspections are conducted by our trained quality control team who carefully examine every aspect of the product, including its materials, workmanship, and functionality. Any product that does not meet our stringent quality standards is promptly identified and removed from the production line.